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Wearing Natural Rudraksha, help us to get rid of all the health and wealth related issues and problems and clear the path of your life without any hurdles. Always go for the natural and x-ray certified rudraksha beads as per your astrological suggestions to acquire wealth and financial prosperity, wearing the right combination of rudraksha is one of the easiest and most effecient one.


1 Mukhi

2 Mukhi

3 Mukhi

6 Mukhi

5 Mukhi

6 Mukhi

7 Mukhi

8 Mukhi

9 Mukhi

10 Mukhi


11 Mukhi

12 Mukhi

13 Mukhi

14 Mukhi

15 Mukhi

16 Mukhi


17 Mukhi

18 Mukhi

19 Mukhi

20 Mukhi

Gauri Shankar

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