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A 21 faced Rudraksha is a rare and powerful bead that is believed to represent Lord Kuber, the Hindu god of wealth and prosperity. Here are 5 positive points about 21 faced Rudraksha:

Enhances Wealth and Prosperity: 21 Faced Rudraksha is believed to enhance wealth and prosperity. It is said to attract financial abundance and material success, and also promotes good fortune and luck.

Promotes Mental Clarity and Focus: 21 Faced Rudraksha is believed to promote mental clarity and focus. It is said to help the wearer develop their intellect, improve memory, and enhance concentration and focus.

Provides Protection and Divine Grace: 21 Faced Rudraksha is believed to provide divine protection and grace. It is said to protect the wearer from negative energies, provide spiritual and physical strength, and enhance overall resilience and endurance.

Enhances Leadership and Decision-Making Abilities: 21 Faced Rudraksha is believed to enhance leadership and decision-making abilities. It is said to help the wearer make better decisions, develop their analytical and problem-solving abilities, and inspire confidence and assertiveness.

Promotes Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment: 21 Faced Rudraksha is believed to promote spiritual growth and enlightenment. It is said to enhance meditation, increase intuition, and promote inner peace and tranquility.


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21-Mukhi is purely a monetary Rudraksha with Lord Kuber’s suzerainty over it. It is the rarest Rudraksha that produces extraordinary results. Money does not remain a concern with the grace of this affluent Rudraksha. Bestowing you with all material riches, it makes life worth living. This Rudraksha not only makes the wearer affluent but his upcoming generations also. The superior Rudraksha is not only capable of giving wealth and material pleasures but makes the wearer skilled, intuitive, and psychic.

Benefits of 21 Mukhi Rudraksha – Nepal

The benefits of Twenty One Mukhi Rudraksha are countless, yet some assured benefits experienced by people are shared below:

  • It helps you generate income sources and increases wealth and savings.
  • It gives the results of exalted Venus such as beauty, luxuries, comforts, and pleasures.
  • It is a guard against the evil eye, negative influences, black magic, Tantrik attacks, and hexes.
  • It fetches the blessings of Lord Kubera and makes you rich; it supports your efforts and helps you gain a lot of wealth.
  • It makes your luck shine in all areas of life, be it education, job, business, honour, health, wealth, success, and love life.
  • It helps in getting public support, hence, is beneficial for politicians, social servants, consultants, and sales & marketing.
  • It gives a healthy body to enjoy the pleasures of life; it prevents diseases to occur and especially treats diseases related to the reproductive organs.
  • For business success, there is no better remedy than the 21-Mukhi Rudraksha as it makes the business a market leader and fetches heavy profits; it ensures unstoppable growth in business.

How to Use 21 Mukhi Rudraksha – Nepal

  • You may wear it on the neck.
  • You may wear it as earrings.
  • You may wear it as a bracelet.
  • You may use it as a key ring.
  • You may keep it in the purse, pocket or bag.
  • You may keep it under the pillow or at the bedside.
  • You may establish it in the worship room or office.
  • You may dip it in the water for the whole night and drink its charged water in the morning.

How to Wear 21 Mukhi Rudraksha

  • In the morning, take a bath and wear clean clothes.
  • Wash the Rudraksha with the holy water of Ganga (optional).
  • Take the Rudraksha in your hands and chant “Om Namah Shivaye” at least 11 times.
  • Wear the Rudraksha – prefer to wear it on a Monday.

Preventions for 21 Mukhi Rudraksha – Nepal

  • Remove it before sleeping.
  • Remove it before taking a bath.


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