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The Sade Sati Yantra is meticulously crafted on premium Bhojpatra, a traditional material made from the bark of the Bhojpatra tree. This sacred yantra is designed with intricate symbols and geometric patterns representing the planetary energies associated with Saturn. These symbols are energized through sacred mantras and rituals to invoke the positive and protective forces of Saturn.

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The Sade Sati Yantra – Premium Bhojpatra Yantra is a powerful astrological tool used in Vedic astrology to alleviate the adverse effects of the Sade Sati period. Sade Sati is a significant planetary transit that occurs when the planet Saturn (Shani) transits through the twelfth, first, and second houses from the natal moon sign. This transit is believed to bring challenges, obstacles, and hardships in an individual’s life.

What are the Benefits of  Sarv Kamna Siddhi Yantra​?

  • The Sade Sati Yantra – Premium Bhojpatra Yantra offers protection and shields individuals from the adverse effects of the Sade Sati period.
  • It helps to minimize challenges, obstacles, and hardships that may arise during the Sade Sati transit.
  • By worshiping and meditating upon the yantra, it is believed to bring stability, peace, and overall well-being to individuals.
  • The intricate symbols and geometric patterns on the yantra enhance the positive vibrations and energies associated with Saturn.
  • It acts as a divine talisman, attracting the blessings and favor of Lord Saturn, fostering a harmonious connection between the individual and the planetary forces.
  • The premium Bhojpatra material used in the yantra amplifies its potency, as it is considered sacred and possesses inherent spiritual qualities.
  • The Sade Sati Yantra can be installed in homes or workplaces to create a sacred and auspicious environment, inviting positive energies and dispelling negativity.
  • Regular rituals and prayers performed to the yantra help maintain its effectiveness and keep the individual aligned with the protective energies of Saturn.
  • Individuals who seek success, stability, and relief from the challenges of the Sade Sati period can benefit from the positive influences of the yantra.
  • It serves as a symbol of hope, reminding individuals that they are not alone in their struggles and that divine forces are supporting them throughout this challenging phase.


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